Donuts Are Forever™ (established in 2007) is Rare Form's annual fundraiser and tribute inspired by the life and music of late producer James "J Dilla" Yancey. The name Donuts Are Forever™ (DAF) pays homage to J Dilla's last album, Donuts, released posthumously in February 2006, when J Dilla succumbed to complications from Lupus.

Donuts Are Forever™ began as a celebration of life and the acknowledgement of a prolific music career from fans and music lovers. Now in our eighth year, DAF continues to grow organically, while remaining rooted in paying tribute to one of our musical heroes.

We raised our first dollar for DAF in 2007 and since then, we've raised over $25,000, with all proceeds benefiting the Donuts are Forever Scholarship, or previous non-profit partners, the Alliance for Lupus Research and the J Dilla Foundation's future music education programs.

The Donuts Are Forever Scholarship, created in partnership with Good Shepherd Services, grew out of wanting to promote music education and encourage the next generation of DJs, producers and young musicians.

Over the years, we've been lucky to feature an amazing group of DJ headliners at DAF, including DJ Scratch, House Shoes, ?uestlove, DJ Spinna, Rich Medina, Prince Paul, Neil Armstrong and Just Blaze, to name a few. To rock DAF requires a unique skill-set, a deep catalog and the ability to creatively showcase a life's work to a dance floor packed with fans, something every DAF DJ handles masterfully.

In 2012, Rare Form officially partnered with Okayplayer to further grow the Donuts Are Forever series and bring awareness to the fundraiser and Scholarship. As the collaboration moves forward, Okayplayer will be key in developing future Donuts Are Forever tributes.

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